Timely Message from Calvin and Hobbes Creator

Once you are on the journey of discovering the magic in life, you will find serendipity everywhere. Today, on my Twitter feed, I found this incredible “comic” created by cartoonist Gavin Aung Than.

It is based on Bill Watterson’s Uplifting Advice to College Grads – done in a Calvin and Hobbes style communication forum! Just for you! And perfect for our blog.

Go to the Huffington Post’s Comedy site and read Bill Watterson’s Uplifting Advice To College Grads, Illustrated In ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ Style.


2 thoughts on “Timely Message from Calvin and Hobbes Creator

  1. Loved that cartoon – I’m still working on defining my meaning and what will bring me in line with whoever the heck I am :) I had a friend who died in July who lived his life this way – he was so incredibly free in the sense that he never fell into the trap of “you must climb the ladder, nail down a career, and conform to what is ‘normal.’” He had a beautiful soul. I’ll treasure that lesson.

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